Friday, April 17, 2009

She's a biggun!

In my previous post, I mentioned an 84" x 60" semi-abstract painting that had been commissioned. The client is a brand new high-end seafood restaurant, so they'd like a painting of their building with a lot of madcap activity spilling out of it: music, people, wine, seafood, etc. All in the vein of my previous Wein & Saenger Fest posters. Naturally, I'll find a way to get Sir Winston into the piece. I'm thinking about picturing him with a fishing pole, in keeping with the nautical theme. Well, they've approved my price quote with one caveat: the size went from 84x60 on stretched canvas to 108" x 72" on gessoed board! Holy schneikies!

The good news there is that they're having their carpenters build the board to my specifications, so it will keep me from having to tackle stretching such a mammoth canvas (and from footing the bill for the materials). Initial sketches will go over to them on Monday, and once they are approved, I can get started layin' down the paint! I purchased a good quantity of paint today and can already visualize the color scheme, so I'm rarin' to go.

One problem with the increased size is that there's no way such a huge, heavy and fragile monstrosity would survive the trip up the winding stairs to my 3rd-floor apartment. So, I'll either be painting it after hours here at work or in my boss' graciously-offered pool house.

I'll post here as the job progresses. Right now it's nothing more than a pile of supplies and a whirlwind of the mind's eye!