Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jaybird Update

I've been quiet lately, but it's for good reason. I'm swamped with work! Now that I've settled into my new apartment and have my studio space back in working order, I'm churning away at some pretty fun projects. Most are still secret for the moment, but I'll share them here when the NDA's are lifted. It's going to be a very busy couple of weeks for me.

One interesting commission is for an 84" x 60" abstract painting to dominate one wall of a brand new restaurant. A canvas that size will about fill my entire work space, but it should be lots of fun! They want something along the lines of the whacky characters and settings I've done for a local wine and music festival:



In further news, I've been invited to be a special guest at the inaugural North Texas RPG Convention, June 5-7. It was really great of the guys to invite me up to Dallas, and Jess and I are really looking forward to it!

Finally, I'm in the home stretch of the Mr. Sasquatch 2009 competition. Beard photos are due April 1, so I only have a week left to push my face follicles to the MAX! I'll post here again when voting opens. I won in 2008, so I'm trying to defend my title. Here's a recent in-progress shot:


  1. Homo Erectus! Brauno for Mr Sasquatch 2009!

  2. I don't know about Mr. Sasquatch, but Mr. Constipated're a shoe in!

    Keep those follicles growin', brosuf!

  3. Good luck with that monster commission Jason!

  4. Thanks Andy! I'll be heading out to buy more paint this afternoon.