Friday, December 18, 2009

Neecie's Fart Collection

Behold fellow bloggers the Art that fills our apartment courtesy of Denise my Gurlfriend.

I really like this oval shaped oil painting by Hyulami
it currently resides in our shitting room (sitting room).

I love this nightime sea scene, very fantasy looking (just add a Dragon)
It is a large oil painting (3 foot X 2 foot) and signed A.J Wiseman, may 1969

Nice if your Neecy (this is just a print)

This scary monstrocity is something else, I cant work out
the signature (initials are H.T in red) Denise came home
with it from a car boot sale last year. It resides in the hallway.
Sometimes I scare Denise with it by just busting into the
toilet when she's on the can and just pushing the Bulls face
through the open door, its a crazy big thing too (about 3 foot
by 2 foot).I really dig this for its whacky composition, a bull
and a bird? Denise's Art taste is definately diverse.

Denise had this Oil painting commissioned about 10 years ago.
It is painted by a local Arteest called Ann Turner....nice.

Another tasteful print. Bedroom

Speaking of Bulls, I've heard the Artist of this particular
piece is a veritable well hung bull of a man!

Actually its a print of a digital painting by myself.......

The Titanic at full steam, just off the south coast of Ireland.
Denise loves the Titanic, and anything Titanic related.
I painted this piece (albeit crappily) last year for her birthday.
Acrylics & Ink on watercolour board. I have been meaning to
do her a better rendition.

Small oil painting by a F.Murphy, I dig the limited colour palate
on this piece, the artist shows his blending skills pretty well.
I like this particular piece. I would dig seeing him paint a
fantasy scene.

Old prints by myself Denise & a Troll and a
small model of the Tiger tank I drove during the war.
(I climbed inside the Tiger II in Bovington tank museum)
My niece Rachel and her Dolphin friend Snorky nestle
in the background, the Gargoyles gaze on malignantly.

Denise likes this particular piece. It has its merits, I like
the way the background trails away and the foregound is
laid down thick in an inpasto effect with a pallet knife.
Oils again. It needs a few Otyugh's or something...

One of my favourite pieces belonging to Denise.A very small
oil painting, brilliant painting skill, very Bob Ross. I have
probably studied this piece the most.By W.Cramer....nice.

Sort of African Savannah look to this Oil painting.
Largeish (3 foot by a foot and a half) cant make the
scribbly signature out.(pauses to sip hot Chocolate)
Yes straight men do drink that particular beverage.
Presently in our bedroom above the headboard.
It may very well fall one night and squash my melon head.

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  1. That last piece is a print of a digital piece by myself.I love contrasting reds and blues....

    Does that make me a bad person?