Sunday, January 22, 2012

Undead Stone Giant

Never mess with an evil necromancer when he has an undead stone giant at his disposal.


  1. Excellent work Brian, how big was the original?
    You managed to cram quite a bit of fun detailing
    in there. Keep up the great, even improving work.

  2. Thanks, Andy....this one was actually smaller than I normally do for battle scenes and was done on 8 1/2"x 14" Bristol board. I'm trying to do more artwork now on a smaller scale for both time and art supply purposes.

  3. Yup, your right.I always do A4 pieces, that last A3 took me about about three times as long as usual
    because of the size.Lucky I got a doubl;e fee for it.40 hours scrawling was way too much, I was begging/willing it to end all too soon.Great work mate,its great to have you back doing what you do best. ;)