Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ossuary of Horrors

New first edition module I'm currently working on. This is one of the many
Player pullout art pieces to be included in the mod, as player aids.
Ossuary of Horrors plays homage to the original "Tomb of Horrors" by Gary Gygax.
It will contain all new monsters to keep the players on their toes, and be playable
by character levels 10-14. My other two fellow Troll Heads Brian "Glad" Thomas and Jason
"Jaybird" Braun will be assisting in this endeavour.

The Crawl Ghouls abode


  1. Me likes the crawlie bits! And the sarcophogai back there. Very cool!

  2. Thank's Steve,

    lots more to come,welcome to the forum.

  3. Just added the rough for the cover I finished today.

  4. I like the cover! The three headed skull thing is great! I like the "deluxe" edition bit, which is pretty cool!