Sunday, August 9, 2009

Last Stand Against The Frost Giant Lich King

Hey everyone, long time no blog. I thought I'd post my latest drawing up for the blog viewers to check out. I thought it would be fun to do a Lich encounter but have the Lich a bit different from the norm that we tend to see in gaming supplements. So, I thought a frost giant lich king would be sort of a cool take on a classic "creature." It was my first stab at a female dwarf too in any drawing that I had ever done. I was torn as to whether I wanted her to have a beard or not. In the end, a small tuft of chin hair won me over.

*Click on the small pic and she'll get all big for ya'!



  1. Beyootiful Brian! The huge image really lets you check out the character detailing. Niccccee!

  2. Melikes! The dwarven lady is indeed fierce and beyootiful!

  3. Flippin' excellent, love their facial expressions! :)

  4. (rather late to the party)

    Can't help but notice the barbarian up the back bears a striking resemblance to Cohen the Barbarian, Discworld's greatest (and possibly last) hero... :p