Friday, August 14, 2009

Pipe Dreams

Acrylic and ink on 6"x4" canvas. ©Jason A Braun (click to see full pic)

"Pipe Dreams" by White Ghost Shivers

I see faces, on the ceiling.
As the smoke begins to rise.
Always staring and beyond caring.
And they never close their eyes.

I hear voices, that keep me reeling.
So tender and so shrill.
Some are singing, but some are screaming.
And they bind me to their will.

Someone is choking, beneath my fingers.
And I thrill to feel his fight.
Tomorrow's grieving can be deceiving,
And it haunts me through the night.

Morning has broken, the sun has spoken,
As I stumble through the door.
To join the living, the less forgiving,
I know that I'll be back for more.

I know that I'll be back for more!

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