Friday, February 13, 2009

Adobe Photoshop Art Blog

I have been playing around with various Photoshop Tutorials to hopefully

improve my novice digital art rendering skills. I have this great painting an eye

from scratch tutorial by wonderful digital artist called, Brian no,

sorry Brian Haberlin. He is really great, he deep breathes, he coughs, he clears his throat, his infant son sings in the background, the water pump from his fish tank bubbles away as he gives away all his precious digital art wisdom. And I'm there like a sponge lapping it all up. Great guy!

Here is an older eye tutorial result above. Using his pointers, I learned that eyeballs reflect light and colour and are not white. When you depict them you strive to show reflection, wetness and the fact that it is a ball in a socket.

The one I did today is on the left. (the one with the tan)
Its a great little tutorial to improve your rendering skills. I think everyone discovers Photoshop, creates cartoon colouring for a few months, then gets tired of it any starts using Painter. Then learns more, and comes back to Adobe Photoshop again. The trick is using the smudge tool for blending. You get Painter like mixed paint effects.
The Green eyeball was given much more time and detailing.
However I was not as happy with the upper lid or shading in that particular
version. As I said, its good practice. I universally never start artwork from scratch on computer, I always draw it and scan it in. So these Tut's have forced
me to begin a small piece of work from scratch in Photoshop. Overall its good
training for me too, as well as rendering training.


  1. Your Photoshop work just gets better and better Andy. It's proof-positive that practice makes perfect (how's that for alliteration?).

  2. Thank's chum! I was practicing making custom
    texture brushes today. You can make swift advances in the digital Art world, if you put the practice in. Those new tutorial DVD's I got are really teaching me a ton of stuff.