Thursday, February 26, 2009


All I can say is that I'm loving the new tablet. I fired this rough little doodle off tonight once I got my new toy home and revved up. I don't often work in Corel Painter, so it was an experiment in both software and tablet.


  1. Painter really lends itself to your style Jason!
    How long did that piece take? Hope that guys legs are as long as his nose!(for his sake)
    Now I know what to save for next!

  2. Thanks Andy. I'm looking forward to playing with it some ore over the next few days. Maybe I'll hit that sweet spot that I need to be in to properly illustrate a D&D scene in my more abstract painting style.

    Setting up, adjusting and calibrating the tablet took about 30 mins. Fumbling through various brushes in Painter to churn out the fast little painting took maybe 90 mins? It could use a lot of refining, but I loved where it was headed.

  3. My your up early! You gay-sexploit in Austin has really fired you up! (I keed I keed)

  4. Looookiiiin' good, Jay!

    It's always cool to get something you want at a sweet deal. I'm happy for you, bro!

  5. And me seignor Brauno! I want one too!